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Our Story

Grubs Up insect farm was established in 2016 after 2 years of dreaming big, and researching the potential of insect production for animal feed and human food in Australia.

Our founder, Paula is passionate about agriculture and primary industries, and understood that the pressure for change are paramount. That’s when she asked the question – Why can’t insects replace traditional sources of protein? The answer – Yes, there is huge potential for producing insects as a protein source.

Image of Grubs Up Founder Paula

Paula Pownall is a rural woman with passion, and a purpose to change our perception of protein.Paula has a bachelor degree in agribusiness from Curtin University, and studied business management at Marcus Oldham College.

Image of Grubs Up Chef Rohan

Rohan is the Chef of the team, and draws on his past defence force skills to keep us all in line and on track. Rohan is behind the scenes reviewing our decisions and coming up with great recipes for our insects.

“A modern approach to sustainable food production.”

– The Rural Women Podcast


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