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Frequently Asked Questions?

Absolutely! In fact insects as a source of food has been recognised by local aboriginals as a source of sustainable food for thousands of years

Well most people say they taste nutty. Try some, and let us know!

We grow our crickets in an environment where they have plenty of room to grow and hide. Our crickets drink rain water, and eat vegetables, and high quality dry food, high in calcium and protein.

Insects have many nutritional values, as they are high in Protein, full of iron, and outstanding levels of Vitamin B12.

All our products are certified under the National Australian Food Standards, and we are a registered food business through our local government.
At grubs Up we base our business production and manufacturing on HACCP guidelines.

People who are allergic to shellfish, may be allergic to insects.

No, we are constantly increasing our cricket production facility, and yet we cannot keep up with the demand for cricket protein powder.
We produce all of our whole roasted products and fresh crickets right here in Western Australia, and support local food producers.
Cricket Powder is certified organic, and is produced in Canada, but we can’t wait until we produce enough insects to supply you with fresh home grown cricket powder.

Yes! We supply fresh crickets that are frozen. It is important to keep fresh crickets frozen for food safety.

We normally supply fresh crickets locally (within south west Western Australia).

No sorry, but we would love too at some stage into the future.

We feed our crickets on recycled fruit and vegetables, and a dry food mix.

Our crickets are not certified organic, however they are fed from safe food products with no nasties.

Our crickets live for up to 8 weeks before they are harvested. In nature, insects can live for longer, depending on weather conditions.

It is not recommended that you eat insects form your backyard, as they may contain traces of heavy metals, or have chemical and pesticides residues that may cause illness.

Please send us an email, and we would be happy to answer it!